Video: How 点 the Robot Dog Got a Job in 施工 | The Dirt #17
韦恩·格雷森 | 2020年11月23日

天宝 与机器人先驱者之间的合作伙伴关系 波士顿动力 已经为建筑业提供了首个成熟的机器人。它’s called “Spot”, named for its dog-like appearance. But why does it look like a dog? What can it do? How can construction projects benefit from its presence? We had those questions and many more so we asked Martin Holmgren, the General Manager for Buildings Field Solutions at 天宝 and Brian Ringley, 施工 技术 Manager at 波士顿动力 to join us on this episode of The Dirt to discuss 点 and the future of 机器人技术 in construction. Check out the conversation below.



2:00 What is 点? Why is it a Dog?


11:50什么’s the Difference Between 点 and BigDog?

14:51 Why 点 is Such a Good Fit For 施工

17:57 Controlling 点: Remote Control and Autonomy



36:00 What Specific Things Can 点 Do on 施工 Jobsites?

43:00 How Can 点 Improve?




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