Tractor maker 基奥蒂 unveils its first CTL and skid steer
基奥蒂 SL750 skid steer and TL750 loader

Introduced at 基奥蒂’s recent virtual dealer meeting, the TL750 CTL and SL750 skid steer will provide 基奥蒂 dealers with a new way to attract construction customers.

基奥蒂,大同品牌’s long been a fixture in the hobby farmer market with its compact utility 拖拉机, says it will introduce a 基奥蒂-made compact track loader and skid steer to its dealers in 2021. Production will likely start in 2022.


基奥蒂 says its TL750 CTL will likely feature electro-hydraulic controls, a sliding entry door that lifts up instead of swinging open and 15.7-inch tracks.

初步规格包括重量为9,315磅的TL750 CTL和操作重量为8,157磅,挖掘力为5,884磅的SL750滑移转向器。

基奥蒂 emphasizes that the new entrants will be designed, engineered and manufactured by them. “We’不要私下给其他人贴标签’s machines,” says Joel Hicks, 基奥蒂 product development manager. “我们的目标是以合理的价格为客户提供尽可能多的收益。”

4缸74马力大同发动机将成为CTL和滑移转向系统中最新的发动机,与诸如此类的紧凑型发动机制造商展开竞争 洋马, 久保田科勒.

Almost all of 基奥蒂’除零转割草机外,其75马力以下的产品均配有大同发动机。“我们有制造发动机的悠久历史,” Hicks says, “我们是第一家获得EPA Tier 4认证的韩国发动机制造商。”

基奥蒂’s Korean-parent Daedong has been in North America since 1986, first focused solely on under-100-horsepower compact utility 拖拉机 and then adding utility vehicles in 2015. The Wendell, North Carolina-based 美国大同 introduced a 基奥蒂 zero turn mower line last year.

“我们正在寻找免费市场中可以由我们的经销商网络提供服务的其他机会,” Hicks says. “当您关注我们关注的客户和经销商以及我们的制造能力时,紧凑的建筑设备对我们来说是自然的评估。”

基奥蒂 expects to benefit from its established relationships in the hobby farm/rural lifestyle market, which will make up a portion of its CTL/skid steer initiative, says Greg Bibee, director, strategic sales and marketing.

该公司还将利用其美化客户的优势,因为它进入了零转割草机市场。“各种交叉,” Bibee says. “我们认为这是一个机会,可以为我们的经销商和客户提供Kioti品牌的更完善的产品。”

基奥蒂 has around 500 North American dealers, with headquarters in Wendell, North Carolina, and a Canadian distribution center set up last year in Mississauga, Ontario. “我们很多经销商都没有’目前携带紧凑 建筑设备,这将使他们能够为新市场服务,” Bibee says.



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